Gray Rhino & Company helps decision makers to develop strategies that create new opportunities from clear but under-addressed risks and challenges. A “gray rhino” is a clear and present danger in business, life, and the world that gets short shrift despite—indeed, often because of—its size and obviousness.

Look at recent headlines full of companies that ignored gray rhinos: auto companies that forgot how crucial safety is to their reputation and bottom line; to the financial institutions where warnings went unheeded; and to the many firms whose networks were hacked and reputations damaged because they didn’t pay enough attention to cyber security. Consider the decisions we all make daily, putting off what we know is important to do, and paying the consequences.

We all make mistakes all the time because humans are vulnerable to decision biases, flawed risk perception and management, and misjudged costs of not acting in time. But once you recognize common blind spots, you can use new insights and strategies not only to avoid repeating common mistakes, but also to spark innovation.

The Gray Rhino® suite of services—keynote speeches, interactive workshops, consulting, evaluation and assessment, digital tools, online courses, webinars, curated conversations, and custom content—can help you and your organization or community to face the gray rhinos out there and own them while others get trampled.

If you’ve read Gray Rhino & Company founder Michele Wucker’s book THE GRAY RHINO, How to Recognize and Act on the Obvious Dangers We Ignore, you know that gray rhinos hang out with a menagerie of troublemakers: the elephant in the room, the see-no-evil monkeys, the black swan, and the ostrich with its head in the sand. Just as the gray rhino doesn’t work alone, neither should leaders who want to confront potential threats and turn them into opportunities. That’s why we’ve created a Gray Rhino® global network of thought leaders, analysts, and industry experts to help your organization to assess your gray rhino readiness and to strategize smart responses to obvious but neglected risks and challenges ranging from the everyday to the global.

Contact us to learn more about designing a Gray Rhino® program that helps you not only to get out of the way, but to harness the power of the gray rhino to innovate and help your organization thrive in face of change.