Gray Rhino & Company provides the simple yet powerful Gray Rhino® framework, backed up by innovative tools and proven methods, to help individuals, organizations, and policy leaders to better identify obvious but neglected gray rhino risks and to strategize responses, mobilize key stakeholders, and evaluate progress and adjust as needed. We draw on a global network of thinkers and leaders to help you to apply insights on how others have successfully faced similar gray rhinos and to join forces with allies and partners.

We help you to solve for the big looming problem in your industry, community, or in your own leadership.

We show you how to see the opportunities in otherwise daunting global-scale challenges. 

We inspire, educate, and empower you to get ahead of your gray rhinos and thrive. 


Gray Rhino & Company Founder and CEO Michele Wucker speaking to PCMA in Vancouver

Inspire: We’ll teach you how to apply your power to recognize, respond to and conquer the obvious dangers: whether global policy and market trends or organizational issues. Gray Rhino & Company Founder and CEO Michele Wucker weaves global policy, business, and personal leadership examples into keynote addresses and interactive workshops through storytelling that will motivate you and your team to look out for gray rhinos, to sound the alarm, and to act.

Educate: We’ll show you how to keep biases from tripping up your business, to master strategies for handling each of the five stages of a gray rhino, and to track your progress in addressing these issues and how others perceive what you’ve done.

Empower: Drawing on gaming techniques and proven educational principles, Gray Rhino® workshops produce actionable recommendations leading to immediate results. Gray Rhino & Company tailors our approach for each client to fit the distinct needs of board, management, and rank-and-file employees. We use interactive sessions, digital tools, and gaming techniques to engage participants to create immediate, scalable change.

whats your gray rhinoEvaluate: Ongoing measurement and evaluation of actions and impact includes a simple regular check-in, harmonization with commonly used risk management processes and tools, and ongoing peer circles. We help to give credit where credit is due and encourage accountability.

Gray Rhino & Company believes that individuals, organizations, and communities can effectively counter obvious but neglected and often intransigent challenges. We help will help you not only to overcome your gray rhinos, but to harness their power.

Contact us for more information about:

  • Keynote addresses
  • Interactive workshops for companies and trade groups
  • Master classes for boards and decision makers
  • Webinars, online courses and custom content to provide training for a broader audience
  • In-person assessment and strategy advising
  • Polls, focus groups, and trainings to assess priorities and readiness and identify strategic responses
  • Recognition of business, policy, and individual leaders who excel in wrangling gray rhinos in spite of the odds.