Strategic Advisory Services

Gray Rhino & Company advises organizations on global macro issues, decision making and governance, the human element of risk management, and crisis anticipation. We are committed to helping you to better recognize and prioritize the obvious “gray rhino” risks that your organization may be neglecting precisely because they are so clear and present.

Our background

Gray Rhino & Company CEO and Founder Michele Wucker’s career began with financial journalism but quickly evolved to analysis, turnarounds, and organizational dynamics. She draws on three decades of experience in assessing not only political and economic risks but also why people respond the way we do –and how we can improve our decision making and responses. She and her team have deep expertise in public policy, risk management, communication, and behavioral economics. We have a deep commitment to mentoring and empowering the next generation of global citizens and building bridges where conversations have broken down or never existed in the first place.

Our record

Our advisory services have included startups and social enterprises in civtech, edtech, amplifying under-recognized voices and closing the gender gap. Our work has been recognized by policy makers, business leaders and social sector stakeholders around the globe.