Executive Masterclass – Risk Management


An organization’s success—its very survival—depends on leaders mobilizing their teams to respond to challenges with flexibility and tenacity. So why are the headlines full of companies that ignored obvious and all too often solvable problems: the “gray rhinos” charging at them?

Does your organization need better ways to make sure your people recognize, speak up, and make good decisions when they see an issue that could be catastrophic? Do you know what gray rhinos -the obvious but neglected challenges that you still have an opportunity to confront before it’s too late- face your organization or industry but are frustrated that too little is being done about them? Do you need help getting key stakeholders on board? Do you want risk management to be more than mere box ticking?

In this masterclass, Gray Rhino & Company Founder Michele Wucker will help your organization identify your blind spots and discover turn your organization’s critical but neglected gray rhino risks and challenges into catalysts for innovation. Using the five-stage framework she developed for understanding organizational and policy gray rhinos, she will help you re-frame and develop actionable steps to get ahead of macro trends or operational issues most relevant to your industry or company.

I received so many warm comments from your master class. Everything from “highly relevant” and “practical” to “greatly informative and instructional” to “expert,” “right on point” and “eye-opening.”– Anthony Vlahos, ExecuNet

What is covered:
This interactive session challenges your thinking and teaches you to apply the gray rhino framework in your organization and leadership decisions.

  • The five stages of a gray rhino crisis and how to frame and manage obstacles and opportunities at each stage.
  • How emotions and cognitive biases shape the ways we respond to what’s right in front of us.
  • How awareness of vulnerabilities in our perceptions and reflexes can improve decision-making and stakeholder engagement.
  • How hacking your risk mindset can spark innovation.
  • How you can adjust your communication strategies to spark a fresh look at obvious but neglected challenges.

Value and expected outcomes:

  • Tap into the insights that have informed central bank and government risk management strategies around the world.
  • Understand how to keep cognitive biases from getting in the way recognizing problems in time to head them off –and instead make emotions work for you.
  • Learn how to manage differences in your team’s distinct risk attitudes and responses to obvious challenges.
  • Acquire tools for understanding and engaging key stakeholders, prioritizing the challenges you face, and tracking and adjusting your strategy.