Author: Ben Dattner

Ben Dattner is an executive coach, organizational development consultant, and the founder of New York City–based Dattner Consulting, LLC He is the author of Credit and Blame at Work: How better assessment can improve individual, team and organizational performance, published by Simon & Schuster.

Editor’s note: One of the biggest reasons boards and other decision-making teams fail to properly recognize obvious risks is the Groupthink phenomenon that occurs when group members share perspectives that are too similar: a tendency to form consensus without properly recognizing dissent or innovation. Groupthink discourages individual input and enforces conformity in a way that is extremely hazardous to an organization’s health, making it more likely to get trampled by an obvious but neglected gray rhino threat. In this guest post, organizational psychologist and consultant Ben Dattner offers practical suggestions for structured debate that can help combat Groupthink and thus…

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