Author: Dr. Cindy McGovern

DR. CINDY MCGOVERN is known as the “First Lady of Sales.” She speaks and consults internationally on sales, interpersonal communication and leadership, and is the author of Every Job Is a Sales Job: How to Use the Art of Selling to Win at Work. Dr. Cindy is the CEO of Orange Leaf Consulting, a sales management and consulting firm in San Francisco.

The greatest risk that most people take is the one that prevents them from getting what they want, need and deserve. That risk: They don’t ask for what they want, need and deserve. Many people would rather go without what they want or deserve than to ask for it and risk hearing a “no.” They fear that “no” means much more than it does. They’re afraid a “no” to a request for a raise or a promotion means they’re going to lose their jobs or lose face or respect. They suspect a “no” to a proposal for new project or…

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