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In this New Conversation for Change podcast episode aired October 22, 2019, Diamond Mind host Tom Rosenak chatted with Michele Wucker about how not to get run over by a gray rhino.

“We can come up of hundreds of examples of Gray Rhinos in the realm of business, politics, religion and community affairs,” Rosenak says. “Chicago politics instantly comes to mind for me. When I moved here, we joked about the “Chicago way”. The phrase “kick the can down the road” is flippantly tossed around as the pensions go unfunded, the school system decays and violence escalates. National debt, climate change, social security, the list is endless. Why do leaders, decision makers, and everyday citizens keep failing to address the obvious dangers before they spiral out of control? More importantly, what CAN we do to seize opportunity out of these difficult situations?”


Michele Wucker

About Author

Michele Wucker is a global thought leader and the author, most recently, of THE GRAY RHINO: How to Recognize and Act on the Obvious Dangers We Ignore (St Martin's Press, 2016). Learn more about her at https://www.thegrayrhino.com/about/michelewucker

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