Populyst: The Pandemic as a “Gray Rhino” Event


In this podcast, Sami J. Karam speaks to best-selling author Michele Wucker about her 2016 book The Gray Rhino and how its method and lessons apply to the coronavirus pandemic. Gray Rhino threats are highly probable, highly impactful but often neglected until it is too late or until the cost of dealing with them becomes very high.

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Topics include:

0:00 Introduction of Michele Wucker
1:05 When will we be able to travel to Asia or Europe again?
3:10 Explaining the concept and examples of Gray Rhino events
9:00 Various reactions to the spread of the pandemic
15:50 Was the virus predictable?
19:20 Why should we have been readier for the virus when it is so rare?
22:00 Why we ignore what is “over there”. Did it start “over there” or over here?
25:35 How could we have prepared for the pandemic?
31:00 The current catch-22: deaths by virus vs. deaths of despair
44:10 Stages of a Gray Rhino event applied to the pandemic
50:10 What other Gray Rhino events do you worry about? A triad of Gray Rhinos
55:45 How alarmists help avert deep crises
59:40 Conclusion

Michele Wucker

About Author

Michele Wucker is a global thought leader and the author, most recently, of THE GRAY RHINO: How to Recognize and Act on the Obvious Dangers We Ignore (St Martin's Press, 2016). Learn more about her at https://www.thegrayrhino.com/about/michelewucker

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