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What are top-risks lists good for, anyway? Quite a bit, actually. Risk perceptions can drive #investment decisions, #strategicplanning, #policymaking, news cycles, #purchasing decisions, #pricing, and many #riskmitigation behaviors. #Spoileralert: they are decidedly not the same as actual probabilities. Here’s what to look for in the myriad #outlook, #forecast, #predictions, and general risks lists out there.

I am delighted to participate in the ESG Global Leaders Summit. This important conversation could not be more timely. This July was the hottest month ever recorded. A billion or more sea creatures were cooked to death off the coast of Canada as heat records were shattered. Smoke from raging wildfires in the Western United States has continued to drift across the continent.

The impact of the pandemic on risk choices is particularly important when it comes to the future of work –both the immediate issue of workplace safety as people start returning to their offices and longer-term changes in the kinds of jobs people are going to do.